Harry Potter - Sorting Hat 3 I promise I won't drink at my funeral

Gareth Pugh, S/S 2013
A big thank you to Rei, Nick, Jon, Chloe and Lou for this wonderful experience and for all the support! Goodbye. X 
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Daisy by Marc Jacobs commercial
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Whimsical Nothing on we heart it / visual bookmark #6678906
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venezuelan poodle moth
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This is the most perfect setting
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'Thistle and Landscape' by Fidelia Bridges (1834-1923). Chromolithograph published by Louis Prang & Co.
Image and text courtesy NYPL Digital Gallery.
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August 25, 2014 - I took several stem and leaf cuttings of the watermelon peperomia on June 14, 2014, planted them in shallow soil, and put them in a relatively dim spot inside a humidity dome. As mentioned in a previous post, I noticed that one leaf cutting sprouted new growth while another leaf cutting never took root. I made a fascinating discovery tonight when I uprooted them: for leaf cuttings, new growth will only occur along a vein - look at how the big leaf was cut to intersect 5 veins and how the new roots emanated from there. I surmise from other leaf propagation techniques, you also have to plant it stem-side down. Let’s do another propagation experiment…

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-It is not cute

-It is hell

-Want to order pizza? Too fucking bad

-Want to go to a party? Be prepared to want to leave after 5 seconds

-Need to ask a salesperson for a different size? Guess you’re not getting it

-Hungry but it’s crowded in the restaurant? No food for you

-Social anxiety SUCKS

-It keeps you from doing things you want to do

-It makes you feel like shit

-Stop romanticizing it

-Social anxiety is absolute HELL

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Nobody Knows 
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Flowers lining the street for Christian Dior’s funeral, 1957 by Loomis Dean
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- Tauriel, you cannot hunt 30 Orcs on your own.
- But I’m not on my own.

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Mathieu Tremblin, ‘Parking tickets bouquet’ (2013)

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Opaque  by  andbamnan